Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently askes through our feedback page.
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[+] Are there examples of how to use RoboCopyPlus?
Yes. Click here for examples with explanations and a 'real life' example.
Also, a full list of parameters can be obtained by typing:

     RoboCopyPlus /help-robocopyplus

[+] Does RoboCopyPlus work with all versions of Microsoft ROBOCOPY?
[+] Will RoboCopyPlus work with future versions of RoboCopy?
[+] Can RoboCopyPlus send mail using an SMTP server that requries SSL security?
[+] How do I configure RoboCopyPlus to send mail using GMail's SMTP server?
[+] I am gettng 'Error 1001' when I install RoboCopyPlus.
[+] Can I use multiple email addresses to send notifications to?
[+] Can I install RoboCopyPlus on a computer without internet access?
[+] Can I purchase a site-license for RoboCopyPlus
[+] RoboCopyPlus indicates 'Success', but no files are copied.
When I use ROBOCOPY, everything works fine.